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Who we are at  PUBLIC HOUSE

Who We Are
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We exist to create opportunities for our world to engage and experience the love of Christ.

Our Philosophy

We believe that by investing in the health of disciples who take ownership of a deep, personal faith-walk and reproduce it in the lives of others we give God the opportunity to grow us individually and as a church community.

Our Values
Our Core

our core values


Jesus is the center.

We believe that everything starts with and revolves around Jesus.


Quality trumps variety.

We believe that by focusing on a few things we can prioritize excellence in everything that we do.


Atmosphere is important.

We believe in creating an environment where people want to connect and engage.


It starts local.

We believe that developing partnerships within our community allows us to make a lasting difference.


People matter.

We believe that everyone has and adds value.


Openness leads to authenticity.

We believe that kind and honest conversation leads to sincere community.


Healthy habits lead to fuller living.

We believe in promoting decisions that lead to healthier living and foster true growth.


We want to build from the ground up. Challenge, inspire and empower you to grow deep in your faith and be disciples who make disciples and then allow that to translate to a powerful worship experience as we celebrate what God has been doing in our lives all week long! Here’s the thing, when we’re healthy and deep spiritually, growth can happen naturally! 

(We’re already seeing this!)

our history

Many of you have been a part of PH for 12–18 months, but this has been a calling and labor of love for Pastor Aaron for 9 years…

join the dream!

This is where you come in.

Over the last two years we have seen God move in awesome ways. Our worship attendance has nearly doubled and nearly 80% of our Sunday attendees are involved in our discipleship groups and life groups. There have been some incredible stories of life-change during that time and we have been working hard to keep up. God has blessed us so far, but we're excited for what He has next for us!

Will you join our team and dream with us as we impact the Kingdom together?

our history
join the dream!
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